Books by Dr. Mark H. Ballard and Timothy K. Christian:

Words matter. How we use them and define them determines how we understand the world and how others understand us. In Words Matter: What Is the Gospel? Drs. Mark H. Ballard and Timothy K. Christian explore how our personal definition of the word “Gospel” fundamentally affects our view of the world, our lives, and our standing with God.
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Normal’s Journey is a fascinating and compelling description of one man’s search for satisfaction and fulfilment. Through his search, he discovers that the dissatisfaction that overwhelmed his life is rooted in his lack of intimacy with his Lord Jesus Christ. His journey – Normal’s Journey – is our own story, of seeking the full life found only in Christ. Order now from Amazon, here!
Priorities: Reaching the life God Intended is written to help you discover and accomplish your God-given priorities. In its pages, you will learn a simple process drawn from Ballard’s practical expositions of Haggai. This process will guide you to use rather than lose your time. Priorities will help you invest your talents and treasures wisely and effectively. Order now from Amazon, here!

Open Doors: The Pathway to God-Sized Assignments is an exciting account of God’s supernatural activity. God opens doors – ­mega doors. He works mightily in, and for, those who see His doors and walk through by faith. Using faithful biblical exposition and inspiring personal illustrations, Open Doors invites you to join what God alone can do. Order now from Amazon, here!
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