Schedule Dr. Ballard
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Dr. Ballard is available for events such as:

  • Pulpit Supply
  • Revivals—Evangelistic Focus
  • Revivals—Church Renewal Focus
  • Bible Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Consultation—Church/School/Non-Profit Organizations

Specific examples include:

Does It Still Matter?—Bible Conference or Seminar (4-7 hours)

Should Christians and churches in a Biblically illiterate, Biblically confused, post-Christian culture teach and defend basic Bible truths? Are they irrelevant? Do they still matter? While a growing number, even among confessing evangelicals, answer, “No,” Dr. Ballard believes the answer is, “Yes.”

In your church’s Bible Conference or Seminar setting, Dr. Ballard will expound the Scriptures, explaining and illustrating to your congregation why certain doctrinal issues still matter, especially in a Biblically illiterate culture. Subjects may include: Does the Bible Still Matter?; the Gospel?; the Local Church?; Baptism?; the Baptist Distinctives?; the Rapture? All of these, and more, are vital truths for today’s believers. They still matter. It is urgent that believers know why.

Spiritual Satisfaction for Normal Christians—Seminar (3-4 hours)

Is spiritual satisfaction possible for normal Christians, or is it reserved for super-saints? Dr. Ballard helps believers define Biblical spiritual satisfaction and discover who can enjoy it. Finally, he guides the seminar attendees as they develop a written personal plan for beginning and/or growing the habits that lead to life-long spiritual satisfaction.

Priorities: Reaching The Life God Intended—Bible Conference or Seminar (4-5 Sessions)

Priorities determine how one uses his or her limited time, talents, and treasures. Based on his practical expositions of the surprisingly contemporary book of Haggai, Dr. Ballard guides believers through a simple process. He helps conference or seminar participants: (1) Distinguish actual priorities from aspirational priorities; (2) Make decisions based on personal, God-given priorities; (3) Discover ones life mission; (4) Experience the joy and freedom of living by God-given priorities; and (5) Reach the life God intended.

Through Open Doors into God-Sized Assignments—Seminar (3-4 hours)

Christians serve the Almighty God. His unlimited knowledge and wisdom guides His eternal plans for His people and His work. It isn’t surprising that the awesome God would give God-sized assignments, greater than ones imagination or expectation. Based on the Apostle Paul’s ministry at Corinth, Dr. Ballard helps believers recognize and enter God’s open doors. The result will be freedom, joy, and a surprisingly fruitful ministry.

Preaching God’s Word in a Biblically Illiterate Culture—Seminar (8 Hours)

How can pastors and Bible study leaders communicate Biblical truth to people who know little about the Bible and, in fact, have an unconscious prejudice against the Bible? Should they even try? Dr. Ballard believes Biblical truth is eternal truth; it is always contemporary, applicable, and practical. The Bible is faith building and life transforming. Dr. Ballard teaches seminar participants how to discern the central theme and supporting ideas in any Bible passage. He then guides participants through a trustworthy, step-by-step process to develop an applicable, practical, and life-changing Biblical lesson or sermon.

Evangelistic Revival—(3-5 Services)

If desired, Dr. Ballard will provide student led music and testimonies.

Church Renewal Revival—(3-5 Services)

If desired, Dr. Ballard will provide student led music and testimonies.

To Schedule Dr. Ballard, download, fill out, and return the following document:

Email the completed document to:

Mykayla Ballard
Executive Assistant

Or mail a physical copy to:

Northeastern Baptist College
PO Box 4600
Bennington, VT 05201

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